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Site Listing # 8
Kansas City, Missouri   64113

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Some Realtors may be hesitant to show your home for fear that they will end up doing your work!



  1. We will furnish you with a sign with your phone #.  When your home is listed on the MLS it is best to display a professional real estate companies' sign.  When Realtors drive past your home it's possible that they will not call as they do not know if you'll pay them a commission if you displayed a generic "For Sale by Owner" sign!  In addition, they may think that their client will go around them cutting them out of the deal. Realtors may avoid you period. This program works but ..."YOU MUST WORK WITH THE REALTORS, NOT AGAINST THEM" !


  1. Be available as much as possible!  I cannot stress this fact enough.  If you want to sell your home, you must be available at all times. Make sure the phone number you use has a recording that tells people about your house.


  1. Choose to install a lock box preferably an electronic lock box for it is the most convenient way to get access to show your home..  Forget about not trusting Realtors coming into your home. There is no way you will be able to show your home all the time. When a Realtor calls, let them in!  Some people don't trust others in their home, Keep in mind that the electronic lock box keeps a record of the date and time and the agent's ID for every time it is utilized.


  1. How to schedule appointments with Realtors. Take their name and company name prior to giving them your lockbox combo or giving them permission to show your property thru the use of the electronic lock box. Start a record keeping to keep track of who was in your home and when.


  1. Feedback. Call Realtors and anyone that's been in your home and ask them for honest feedback. Do not be offended! These are people that will give you feedback that you can use to make modifications to your home so that it will sell.


  1. Stop following people through your home if they have an agent! People need room to breathe and as I said, they aren't there to steal things (you should put valuables away though). Describe your home, give them room to walk around your home and feel them out. Some people like you to show them around, others don't want you around; they just want to walk through without being watched.


  1. Don't let them know how motivated you are. Remember, this is poker so have a good poker face. We don't care how motivated you are. If the buyer and their Realtor see that you're desperate your offer will be that much lower.


  1. Get the pets out of the way. Lock them in the garage or cage but make sure they are out of the way. Do not let your pet ruin your sale or control your destiny. Some people simply don't like them and they should not be around when showing a home!


  1. If you choose to hold an "Open House".  (An ad in the newspaper saying "Open House" helps, but it is not necessary.) Directional signs work as good as or better than advertising as people are out looking. USE a  GUEST REGISTRY TO GET THEIR NAMES AND NUMBERS SO WE CAN CALL THEM BACK FOR YOU.


  1. If you choose, put a small 12-15 word ads in a "local shopper" type publication. Be sure to include address, bedrooms, baths, rec. room, garage, pool, etc. and your phone number. Price is optional. Again, put the MLS# in case they have a buyer's agent and need to consult with him.


  1. Put ads in your company newsletter or on company bulletin boards. Use your handout sheet.


  1. Run small ads in local community or Homeowners publications or papers.


  1. Placing any signs around the neighborhood will need the owner's okay to them on their property.


  1. Check on similar properties near yours to make sure your price is in the market range of your competition. It is better to price your property at the lowest you will take and hold firm. Thinking "I can always come down" doesn't work when selling by owner. It eliminates lookers and discourages offers.


  1. A faster sale can be created by painting, fixing up yard and house, replacing or shampooing carpets, etc. "see seller's Tips" but should only be done if needed.


  1. Remember, the buyer always determines value! Assuming your home is marketed, entered into the Multi-list and, the buyer is what determines the value. What you need or what you want has nothing to do with what someone is willing to pay!




1.      Be prompt and courteous to all Realtors.

2.      Order title insurance on your home.

3.      Order your mortgage payoffs.

4.      Order a well and septic report (if you have one or both).

5.      Understand contingencies and how they work. When you get an
         offer, they need to be addressed.
6.      Understand agency law (refer to the agency disclosures). The   
          buyer's Realtor should not do your work.


LASTLY!  A word of advice, you are treading on new territory with the flat fee program. Many Realtors will resent the fact you got "into the system" by paying a small fee. Maybe they have a right to be. After all, the Realtor that brings you the deal typically has years of experience. The fact is that if they have a buyer for your home; treat them with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Realtors shouldn't have to do your work so make sure you know what your responsibilities are as the seller. If you're unsure as to you responsibilities, stay in touch with us and we'll guide you through.


Be professional and remember you now have a "Realtor" hat on of sorts and must act professional.






THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  The State of Kansas and Missouri requires us to maintain a completed file of your transaction for at least 3 years.  You must help us complete our files with any needed signatures and or paperwork so we can stay in compliance with the rules and to update the status of your listing in the MLS.  You will continue to receive phone calls from Realtors wanting to show your home until we change the status to Pending and then Sold once your home has closed.


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