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Site Listing # 10
Overland Park, Kansas   66223

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Selling with Kansas City Properties is very easy. Follow the steps below to register and start listing your items.

  1. Register An Account
    To register an account all you do is fill out the simple registration form. It is always FREE to register with us. You will also receive a confirmation email with your account information after registration. Your contact information is always kept confidential!
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  2. Log Into Your Account
    After registration, you can login to your account and immediately begin placing listings. Take a moment to get familiar with the user control panel.

  3. Place Your Listing
    We have several different listing packages for you to choose from. You can either place a standard, featured or showcase listing. Showcase listings display on our site's home page and featured listings rotate on our site's left margin. Showcase listings also display on our showcase listings page and featured listings display on our featured listing page. All listings will remain active for the listing period chosen.

    Our pricing is as follows:
  4. Basic Listing Package-Non Refundable Expense Fee
  5. $499 View Details
  6. Gold Listing Package-Non Refundable Expense Fee
  7. $699 View Details
  8. Premium Listing Package-Non Refundable Expense Fee
  9. $899 View Details
  10. 3 Months Rental Ad
  11. $135 View Details
  12. 6 Months Rental Ad
  13. $225 View Details
  14. 3 Months Home Services Advertising
  15. $50 View Details
  16. 6 Months Home Services Advertising
  17. $100 View Details
  18. 12 Months Home Services Advertising
  19. $200 View Details

    What are you waiting for? Place a listing with us today!

    An invoice for expenses will be emailed to you within 2 weeks not to exceed the amount agreed upon ($499/ $699 or $899 ) Now you can begin to add your listing details and pictures. Pictures should be approximately 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high. Your file size for each picture should be no larger than 30kbs to keep page load times to a minimum.

    • Pictures sized at 320 X 240 display best on this site.
    • Use GIF pictures for fastest page load times. GIF files are smaller and thus display faster than other picture formats.
    • Click Here to download a free tool to assist with resizing your pictures or changing picture formats.
    • Have your pictures ready before placing your listing; However, if you do not have your pictures ready at the time you place your listing, you can always add them later by editing the ad.

    After completing the listing process, your ad will begin displaying on the site as soon as your signed required documents (Listing Agreement, Seller's Disclosure Statement, and Payment if paid by check ) are recieved by us via email, Fax, Or delivered. You are now able to alter your listings at any time. Your sign and any other option you chose will be delivered to you within 24-48 business hours

    What are you waiting for? Place a listing with us today!

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