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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the difference between a traditional real estate System and Flat Fee System? 

A- The basic differences between a traditional real estate system and Flat Fee System is what we charge, essentially for the same MLS Listing Service that you would receive from most traditional real estate agents. We charge a Flat Expense Fee instead of a % of the sale to LIST your property.

The other major difference is you retain your 'by owner' status and reserve the rights to show, sell and advertise your property yourself.  If you sell your property to a buyer not working with an agent you pay NO COMMISSION!   You now have total control in the sale of your home, which is lost when you list with a traditional realtor.

Q- Who handles the offers with the flat fee service? 

A- If you choose to hire Kansas City Properties LLC to sell your property, we will: set up selling agents appointments, present and explain the offer, review the home inspection, schedule the closing, submit documents to the closing agent and review the HUD-1 for a smooth closing Whether you find the buyer yourself or if there is a buyer's agent involved in the transaction. 

Q- Can we sell our home our self?

A- Yes! Unlike traditional real estate you retain your 'by owner' status.  You reserve the right to show, sell and advertise their property yourself.  If you sell your property to a buyer not working with an agent you pay NO COMMISSION! 

Q- Why will agents show my property?

A- Buyer's agents search the MLS  exclusively to locate properties that match their buyer’s criteria.  When an agent matches their buyer's criteria to your property, they will see that there is a commission payable for the sale of your property. This commission will be the motivation for the real estate agent to direct their buyers to your property as any other listed property.

Q- Are there any hidden costs?
A- There are no hidden costs.  You pay us the Flat Expense fee at the time of listing.  At closing, you pay the realtor who procured a buyer the percentage you specified in the listing contract.  If you sell your property yourself, without the help of a realtor, you do not owe any commission.

Q- Do we have access the Realtors MLS?

A- No, only brokers and agents that are members of the MLS have access to the Realtors MLS.  The general public only has access to the public MLS access sites such as, Most of the major real estate companies websites and and WWW.MLSBYDESIGN.COM website.

Q- How do we make changes to our MLS listing?

A- You may make changes to your MLS listing at any time. Simply e-mail us; we will make the changes for you. 

Q- Can we terminate our MLS listing early?

A- Yes, you will need to sign a status change form and pay a $25.00 withdrawal fee.

Q- Can we place our own sign on the property?

A- No, We want to maintain a profetional standards for all Kansas City Properties Listings.When agents show homes they will be looking for the MLS By Design Logo and signage. Additionally agents typically will be discouraged from show properties that have the traditional "For Sale By Owner" sign, due to the uncertainty of the sellers knowlege and help in comleting the transaction.

Q- How long does it take for our MLS listing to appear on the Realtor's MLS and

A- Once we receive the MLS paperwork from you we will upload the listing into the MLS the same day, provided we receive the paperwork by 12:00 noon (M-F), if the paperwork comes in after the 12:00 noon cutoff we will enter your listing in the system the next business day.

Agents will have access to your property information immediately. and all the other public access web sites feed directly off the MLS your listing will appear on these public MLS access sites within 24-72 hrs.  

List your property with us and SAVE!


 Q- What is the MLS?


 A- MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the most comprehensive computerized database of homes for sale, with over 1.5 million listings nationwide. Only Real Estate Brokers are eligible to become members of the MLS and enter their listings on the database.

The MLS is used by Real Estate Agents to market and promote their own listings and to cooperate with other Real Estate Brokers. Real Estate Brokers, in turn, are compensated with part of the commission. The majority of real estate transactions are as a result of direct MLS exposure.

As members of the MLS, MLS By Design is making this important marketing tool available to home sellers for a fraction of the cost! By having your property in the MLS, it will be exposed to thousands of local Real Estate Agents who otherwise would not have known that your property was for sale and would not have shown it. This is the same MLS used by conventional brokers who charge a full listing commission.


Q- What is


A- is a website that loads all of its listings directly from

every MLS in the nation. This allows Real Estate Agents and perspective home buyers to view listings nationwide. is the official Internet site for the National Association of Realtors.'s 1.6 million home listings are provided by 603 participating Realtor Multiple Listing Services(MLS). Therefore, to have your home featured with a color photograph and all pertinent information on, you must first list you property for sale in the MLS.


Q- May a buyer contact me directly after a Real Estate Agent shows my home to them?


A-   No. That buyer is the Real Estate Agent's prospect and therefore would be entitled to the selling commission.


Q- Is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that I am paying a fee to be inserted into the same MLS that all major Realtors belong to?

A- Absolutely. There will be no difference between your listing and the listings that have paid high 3-3.5% commission fees. Your property will be visible to all local Realtors.

Q- Why is it important for my property to be included in MLS?

A- The MLS offers the absolute maximum exposure that a home seller can achieve. No other method of selling a home has been as successful. Your property and all of its features will be available to every Realtor in the area, as well as to their buyers. You immediately have a team of thousands to help sell your home. If you are serious about selling your home quickly and for top dollar, it is in your best interest to take advantage of the power of the MLS.

Q- How will I save money using this Flat Expense Fee service?

A- Go to  How much will I save?  to calculate your savings.

Q- Can I control the way my listing appears in the MLS?

A- No. The MLS has pre-set templates which do not provide you the opportunity to customize. With that being said, the templates are very well designed and tend to cover every detail about your property.

Q- Can I have pictures of my home included on the MLS?

A- Yes! You are guaranteed at least 10 picture on the MLS. You will need to email them to us in a jpg. Form not to exceed approximately 320 pixels wide by 240 pixels high, any other size will not be processed. If you elect to choose the premium package photos will be taken for you.

Q- Will my personal contact information be listed on the MLS?

A- No, unless you direct us to. Your name (or "seller") and phone number will be listed as the direct contact on the yard sign as well as on the MLS By Design Website. However if you decides to have your name and phone# in the MLS system, this information will appear only in the "agents view" section of the listing.
Q- Will my personal contact information be listed on

A- No. pulls their information directly from the MLS and your personal contact information will not appear on your listing.

Q- After I pay the Flat Expense Fee for the MLS listing will I still have to pay an Agent?

A- Yes. You will be required to pay a selling fee to the agent that brings you a qualified buyer. You can choose what fee you are willing to pay, selling commission is paid at time of closing. We recommend a 3% fee.

Q- Will I be provided the forms and contracts for selling my home?

A- Yes, check Seller's Decuments section on the home page.

Q- Will my listing be available to other local Real Estate Companies as well?

A- Yes!  Broker networking, or IDX, provides Broker's the opportunity to share their listings on each other's respective web sites. Your listing can be displayed on the "other companies" active listings site. This sharing allows a potential buyer working with another real estate company who does a search matching your criteria to view your listing. Please note that some real estate companies chose not to display Limited Service Listings on their websites.

Q- Will Real Estate Agents contact you or me to show my home?

A- Agents will contact the Coop Department to set up appointments, who in turn will call you directly to set up an appointment to view or show your home.

Q- Do you offer a refund/guarantee?

A- Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund once your listing has been placed in the MLS. However, please be assured that we pride ourselves in excellent customer service, and if there is a problem, we will do everything we can to correct it.


List your property with us and SAVE!



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