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Site Listing # 7
Olathe, Kansas   66062

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Time to Go Shopping: Now that you've done your homework, it's time to go shopping. Your checklist of the reasons why you want to buy a home will keep you focused on homes that will meet your needs. Your lender's pre-approval letter will keep you focused on homes you can afford.

Getting to Know the Neighborhoods: You may want to drive by a number of homes to become familiar with the neighborhoods and what your money will buy. We can take you on a guided tour of homes in several areas. This gives us a chance to really understand what you like and don't like. Or, if you're the adventurous sort and already know the areas well, we can give you a list of suitable homes to drive by along with a map.

Selecting Homes & Making Appointments: You need to weigh the features and strengths, as well as point out the drawbacks or weaknesses of each home. You also need to consider the potential long term re-sale value, based on neighborhood trends. Be aware of all the positive and negative factors regarding a property or investment and if you are still interested.
Make an Offer: Some homes are listed at a price that may be lower or higher than the price at which it will actually sell. You need to understand the possible costs for any deferred maintenance and repairs before you decide to make an offer.
You also need to select a title insurance company to ensure you can purchase "clear" title to the property and an escrow company to hold your deposit and ensure your contract terms are met before you buy.
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